Act 1 Scene 3

Bassiano and Shylock , discuss about lending money, Bassiano wants 3000 Ducats and is hoping that Antonio ships could help him repay him

Act 1 scene 2

  1. At the start of the scene Neruda recaps Portia’s Fathers will, which her potential husbands have to choose A gold silver led casket whoever chooses the correct casket will be granted with marriage with his daughter Portia, The servent comes to the two girls and reminds there is one more suiter to meet like the Prince of Morocco

Merchant of Venice Act1 Scene 1

  1. Antonio, Salerno and Solanuo have come to see eatchother in a street in venice, Antonio not knowingly is very dull and sad , you this as Antonio states ‘ in sooth I know not why I am so sad’ and he’s friends try to Sooth him by talking about his love life.


Antibodies, are protein located in the blood who’s purpose is to try kill any pathogens which have entered your body.Pathogen are split up into :bacteria, fungi and virus. These pathogens can cause infection / diseases.

Since Chicken Pox Can be dangerous we are vaccined for it 1 or 2. This means our body creates Antibodies to defeat and kill the chicken pox. Now that our immune system knows how to defeat it the next time it enters our body it will quickly create Anti bodies to

Our vaccine are create to Train our immune system to combat disease/Infections caused by Bacteria,viruses and Fungi.Cells known as lymphocytes react by producing antibodies.The antibodies attempt
To defeat the Intruder, then the known Invader is known as an antigen and protected against further infection.As healthy an Healthy Human we can produce millions of antibodies a day!

The process of Transpiration

The process of transpiration has a lot of stages . Plants have Xylems this enables the plant to transport water around to the roots,leaves of the plant. dead Xylems can store more water capacity. When the water is stored the plant can transpire.
Transpiration happens at the leaves when stomata allows the passage of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. This allows gas exchange between the atmosphere and the leaves.

prokaryotes and eukaryotes

The organisms are composed of cells, the basic unit of life, with each cell surrounded by a cell membrane. The biggest difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes is that eukaryotes have a nucleus. They also have other membrane structures called organelles.

Terror Piece

Creating terror in a short text

The woman, who strolled across the dark misty street, had hairs on her back standing up. The cries of the poor, weary children from each road seemed to temp her pale, red ears. The owls ‘hooted’ in the distance. Carefully placing her feet quietly placing her feet not trying to bring unwanted attention. Suddenly, in the distance there was a ‘thump’ a rather loud one, but there was nothing to be seen. Turning around, she felt a presence and a breath going down her neck. ‘Over here’ screeched a little voice in the direction of the alleyway. Forgetting about the presence she walked. She stops, swallows her pride and walks away. ‘Come back’ Margaret reached the voice from the same mysterious alleyway ‘How does it know my name’ thought Margaret. Then her mind flashed the voice was similar as her niece, in fact the same. Sprinting towards the alleyway, distraught thinking about the dreadful things which happened to her as a child.


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